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Respirare CPAP

Rudraksha Healthcare Respirare CPAP with EPR (Expiratory Pressure Relief) offers the ultimate sleep therapy comfort. It combines auto-adjusting pressure delivery with breath-by-breath pressure relief for most natural sleep.

Respirare BiPaP

Rudraksha Healthcare Respirare BiPAP is a noninvasive ventilator, Offering a comprehensive range of therapy modes such as S mode ( Spontaneous), T Mode (Titration), S/T Mode, Auto and AgVP Mode.


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    Best In Services

    Rudraksha Healthcare offering the Best Sleep Study (Polysomnography) in Chandigarh. Persistent sleep deprivation can change your life for the worse. If you have trouble sleeping, it’s time to get examined. The best way to do this is with a sleep study.

    Experience & Percision

    We collectively have 10+ years of experience in the Sleep and Respiratory field. Which helps us in serving our patients better. We provide multi-brand options to the patient where a patient gets all products under one roof. The major brands that We deal in are Philips Respironics, Nidek, Evox, BPL, BMC Etc.

    Experts & Well Trainned Staff

    We have experienced and well trainned staff & engineers who have years of expertise in to qucikly solving problem during critical and wrost condtions.