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BiPAP S/T with full face GEL MASK

Philips Respironics, a pioneer in noninvasive ventilation (NIV) and a global leader in the respiratory medical device market, introduces the BiPAP S/T ventilatory support system. Engineered for comfort and efficiency, this NIV system provides an easy optimization for patient compliance, making their life easier.
For patients, the BiPAP S/T delivers NIV therapy by wa y of a small, light, and quiet platform. Improved humidification adds to patient comfort as well. For clinicians, BiPAP S/T incorporates Respironics’ advanced technologies such as Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity and integrated alarms that help you provide the best possible patient care.
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• Device-(BIPAP- S/T)
• Reusable gray foam filter
• User manual
• Carrying case
• Power cord and adapter
• SD card
• Flexible tubing, 22 mm
• Humidifier (optional)
• Mask (optional)

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