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SALE PRODUCTS (Respiratory Care)

Respiratory care products

We provide sales of respiratory care products like CPAP Machines, BIPAP Machines, NIV masks, Portable Ventilators, Oxygen Concentrators, Portable Oxygen Concentrators, Monitoring (Pulse Oximeter, Capnograph), (Therapeutic (Ventilator, PAP Device, Mask, Nebulizer Inhaler),  Diagnostic, Consumables).

We collectively have 8 years of experience in the Sleep and Respiratory field. Which helps us in serving our patients better. We provide the best deals in respiratory care products like Oxygen machines, CPAP machines, BPAP machines, etc. Major brands that We deal in are:

 Philips Respironics, Nidek, Evox, BPL, BMC, PneumoCare Etc.

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