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Evox-5S Oxygen Concentrator 5 LPM

Evox-5S Oxygen Concentrator 5 LPM Specifications:
  • Very cost-effective
  • Smart Touch panel
  • Very High Purity
  • Long Sieve Life
  • Reaches up to 95% Wheels with Light Weight – Low Maintenance
  • Accuracy 93% (+-3)


Product Features

Brand EVOX
Flow Rate 5 LPM
Model Name/Number EVOX-5S
Product Type Stationary
Oxygen Concentration 93 +/- 3 %
Weight (in kg) 15.6kg


  1. Includes Nebulizer Work, Individual nebulizer outlet
  2. Huge LED Display
  3. Oxygen Purity Display
  4. It has been uniquely evolved to give a trustworthy, helpful wellspring of supplemental oxygen for remedial necessities.
  5. The new Version EVOX-5 oxygen concentrator  is a SmartTouch multifunctional
  6. Light Weight with Wheels – Low Maintenance
  7. Screen Auto Sleep. Clock alternative for checking.
  8. LED Light Screen.
  9. Oxygen Purity Number Display.
  10. Nebulizer Outlet and accessories.
  11. 6 Safety protection Systems inbuilt.
  12. Heavy Humidity Remove Device.
  13. Incorporates Nebulizer work, Individual nebulizer outlet

USA Technology-based processing.

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