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CoughAssist E70 Respiratory/NIV Care Product


CoughAssist E70 Respiratory/NIV Care Product

The Philips Respironics CoughAssist E70 device assists patients in loosening, mobilizing, and clearing secretions by providing high frequency oscillatory vibrations while gradually applying a positive pressure to the airway, then rapidly shifting to a negative pressure. The oscillatory vibrations assist in loosening and mobilizing the secretions while the rapid shift in pressure produces a high expiratory flow rate from the lungs, which promotes the clearance of secretions.
The CoughAssist E70 device may be used either with a facemask or mouthpiece, or with an adapter to a patient’s endotracheal or tracheostomy tube. It is for use on adult or pediatric patients having difficulty with secretion clearance and/or inability to cough.
The CoughAssist E70 device is for use in a hospital, institutional environment, or in the home.
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device- CoughAssist E70 Respiratory/NIV Care Product

Detachable Battery
DC Auto Adapter

Mask (Optional)

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