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RENTAL (Medical Equipment)

oxygen machines on rental
RENTAL (Medical Equipment)

If renting a homecare device serves the purpose for you, We can make it possible at economical prices. We have a wide range of homecare devices available for rental with plans customized just for you.

We know every people can’t afford to purchase these home care medical equipments because its high prices. Sometime doctor suggests for a short term use to patient. So Rudraksha Healthcare gives you best rental services on oxygen machines with cheap rates.

We assure the same level of quality, service, and maintenance for a rented product as a purchased one. As part of our stringent quality measures, we do not rent out any product that has risks for the patient. We have controls that ensure you receive devices that are indistinguishable from new products.

Basically, Rudraksha Healthcare also provides respiratory items for rental purposes like Bipap Machines, Oxygen concentrators, CPAPs, etc.