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Reusable Blue Pollen Filter for DreamStation Machines

Reusable Blue Pollen Filter for DreamStation Machines

The Reusable Pollen filter is a replacement filter used with the series of DreamStation CPAP and BiPAP Machines. The Reusable Pollen filter is a very important component to successful sleep therapy. The Pollen filter removes irritating dust, pollen, and tobacco smoke particles from your CPAP airflow, keeping irritants under control that could possibly trigger allergy reactions. This is a single filter and frame only and does not include any other parts or products. The filter is permanently attached to the blue filter frame and cannot be removed. This reusable filter should be washed at least once every two weeks.

Washing Tips:

  •     Place the filter, upside down, under running water to clear any collected debris accumulated on the filter.
  •     Once washed, set the filter aside and allow to completely air dry before placing back into the DreamStation machine.
  •     The Polen filter should be washed once every two weeks.


Important Tip : For optimal use remember to replace your reusable filters every 3-6 months.